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Help needed for natural disaster victims

Man, I did not want to have to write about the need for charitable donations, but Mother Nature is just not being very maternal.

TornadoSo far this year, the U.S. has been hit by a near-record number of killer tornadoes that has left almost 100 people dead and their families devastated not only by the property damage, but by the much more costly personal loss of loved ones.

Weather experts say that the 98 tornado-related deaths make 2008 the deadliest year thus far for twisters since 1998 and the seventh deadliest since modern record keeping began in 1950.

We're just now in the prime twister month, and if the outbreaks continue, 2008 could record the most tornadoes since 1950. "We are on a pace that continues a record number" of twisters, said Greg Forbes, severe weather expert at The Weather Channel.

Donations can help: There is nothing we can do to ease the pain of those who've lost family and friend in a natural catastrophe. But we can try to help meet their other post-disaster needs.

If you can spare it, call or go to a relief organization's Web page and make a tax-deductible donation.

Both the American Red Cross and Salvation Army are taking contributions and, in many cases, you get a say in where your financial assistance will be used.

If you want to expand your generosity beyond U.S. borders, both nonprofits also are accepting donations to help survivors of Cyclone Nargis, which hit Myanmar (Burma) a week ago, and the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked southwestern China overnight.


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akshita gulati

hello!! every1 i am akshita an really lov this side as they r helping in eradicating disaster vicitim an making efforts thanks a lot-lot-lot....spicellly 2 those who r reading this an getting inspire we shoul donate food,clothes,an specially money 2 them as they can fullfill there requirments...thanks a lot 2 give me the chance 2 spreading awareness through this site.....

Pamela Baggett-Wallis

Thanks, Kay, for reminding people how to donate to help disaster victims. Let me add that they do NOT need STUFF. Cash donations are the only real benefit, as STUFF requires someone to sort through it, transport it, and distribute it.

I lost a relative in the Seneca, Missouri area Mother's Day and I worked seven years for FEMA (back when FEMA worked). I thought I understood what people were going through as a result of natural disasters, but now I can say I really understand.

And a big thanks to all of you reading Kay's wonderful blog who donate to help others.

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