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Betty Hayes, like many senior citizens, was thrilled that this time, unlike in 2001, retirees are eligible for some rebate money. But she started to worry when her $300 never arrived.

The IRS thought it had a pretty good reason for not delivering Mrs. Hayes' economic stimulus payment. "You're dead," the agency told her.

Big surprise to Betty and her friends and family. News that you're dead, she said, "makes you about about halfway sick."

You can watch her story in the MSNBC video below.

One theory is that the IRS somehow keyed in her late husband's Social Security number. As I mentioned a few days ago, a spousal tax ID issue apparently screwed up rebate calculation and delivery for one of my relatives, too.

The IRS has promised Mrs. Hayes that it's working on getting her the money ASAP. But, as I noted earlier, these types of screw-ups are making this whole rebate process a major pain, for the government, politicians and taxpayers.

Rebate update: Although missing and misdirected rebates are getting a lot of attention, as well they should, the reported problems are only a small fraction of the overall checks that have been issued.

The Treasury Department reported that it sent 6.2 million stimulus payments last week, the fourth one of the process. The checks, mostly directly deposited, accounted for $4.93 billion.

To date, 51.7 million rebate payments, totaling $45.7 billion, have been issued.

Last week's deliveries represent the near completion of all direct deposits. Treasury officials said that as soon as the IRS finishes the mailing of regular tax refund checks in June, the printing and mailing of stimulus checks will be done at the agency's full capacity, meaning more checks will go out each subsequent week.

Again, if you're still waiting for your regular tax refund or stimulus payment rebate -- and can prove to the IRS that you're alive and eligible for the payment(s) -- this previous post has details on how you can check on your money's status.

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