Retirement plan deadlines redux
Happy Tax Deadline Day!

Tax Carnival #35: Filing Season Final Tips

Tomorrow is the 2007 tax filing deadline. And today is Tax Carnival time.

Frustration_2 And since filing time is fading fast, we'll dispense with elaborate set-ups and get right to Tax Carnival #35: Filing Season Final Tips.

For those of us (me included) who just aren't going to get the paperwork finished tomorrow, nickel presents How to Request an Income Tax Filing Extension, posted

Of course, notes Raymond of Money Blue Book, Filing an Income Tax Return Extension Will Delay Your Tax Rebate Check.

And then there are those among us (me, too, again) who face double tax duty tomorrow. Diane explains in April 15 - Estimated Tax Payment Due, posted at Need IRS Help?

Some timely advice courtesy of FIRE Finance in Double Your Tax Deduction Every Time You Fund Your IRA! It's posted at FIRE Finance.

Some folks also have to deal with state tax returns on the 15th. FMF tells us about The Best and Worst Tax States, posted Free Money Finance.

Tax time is also scam time. Jeremy tells us of Signs You May be a Victim of Tax-Related Fraud over at Generation X Finance.

After you tally up what you owe, you might not be surprised by Kurt Brouwer's piece on the Largest Tax Increase Since World War II. Hint: It's still to come, maybe. Details posted at Fundmastery Blog.

Natp_tax_pro_counseling2 Some of our tax costs include paying for tax help. Hank, over at My Investing Blog, asks How much does your accountant charge to do your taxes? Is it worth it? Would you recommend them?

We haven't forgotten about you business taxpayers. Chris offers some business filing info in The IRS Paid Me $500 to Create This Blog, posted at Martial Development.

And Alex M discusses taxes requirements of e-businesses, posted at DropShip Area.

For a more philosophical view of taxes, we have David Gross, who presents We Won't Pay! A Tax Resistance Reader. The collection contains writings from a variety of tax resisters over the ages, as well as some pieces from critics of tax resistance and is posted at The Picket Line.

On the lighter side of taxes, Madeleine Begun Kane has penned Interactive Taxes, posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Believe it or not, says Praveen, The IRS Are Humans, Too. That stranger-than-fiction tale is posted at My Simple Trading System.

And we close our 35th Tax Carnival with a look ahead. David B. Bohl presents Five Ways to Reduce Tax Stress Next Year, posted at Slow Down Fast Today!

Whew! We've almost survived another filing season, unless of course you took the advice of our first Tax Carnivalista and got an extension. In that case, hang with us here at Don't Mess With Taxes and we'll get you through the Oct. 15 deadline, too.

1040_icon_square As for time tables, we're now heading back to our monthly Tax Carnival schedule. The 36th edition will be May 5, a fitting time to celebrate taxes! Details and precise deadlines can be found at our Tax Carnival submission page.


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