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Dubya took off his blinders today and actually admitted that "It's obvious our economy is in a slowdown."

Then, simultaneously patting himself on the back, he announced that delivery of the economic stimulus rebate checks has been accelerated by a week.

The IRS hasn't yet updated its official Web page showing the new rebate delivery schedule, which is still based on the last two digits of a taxpayer's Social Security number. But I've adjusted the ones previously posted here on the ol' blog.

First we have the new timetable for folks who included bank account information their 2007 returns so that their refunds -- and rebates -- can go straight there:

Rebate Direct Deposit Schedule
SSNs ending in 00 through 20 Deposited by April 28
SSNs ending in 21 through 85 Deposited by May 5
SSNs ending in 76 through 99 Deposited by May 12

And here's the new schedule for actual rebate checks that will be delivered by your U.S. Postal Service carrier:

Rebate Mailing Schedule
SSNs ending in 0 through 9 Mailed by May 9
SSNs ending in 10 through 18 Mailed by May 16
SSNs ending in 19 through 25 Mailed by May 23
SSNs ending in 26 through 38 Mailed by May 30
SSNs ending in 39 through 51 Mailed by June 6
SSNs ending in 52 through 63 Mailed by June 13
SSNs ending in 64 through 75 Mailed by June 20
SSNs ending in 76 through 87 Mailed by June 27
SSNs ending in 88 through 89 Mailed by July 4

How convenient that the last of the mailed checks will go out Independence Day week. Surely that's just serendipitous ... Not!

Why, other than for political reasons, the faster pace? Treasury spokesman Andrew DeSouza says payments are going out ahead of schedule thanks to a new computer program that now updates records daily rather than weekly.

Remember, though, that this new delivery schedule applies only to folks who've filed their 2007 returns. If you got an extension (like the hubby and me), you won't see your rebate money until you finally get your Form 1040 into the IRS.

Update May 5, 2008: This post has generated a lot of reader questions. I've answered some of them in this subsequent post, Readers question rebate delivery methods, and will be posting other Q&As from the comments below in future postings.


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The IRS did not push up the dates for the checks mailed out. They only pushed up dates for direct deposits. If your SSI number is between 89-00 the mail out date is still July 11th as first stated.


It looks like the IRS has not officially pushed the delivery dates up across the board. But I know some people who have gotten their checks before their officially scheduled delivery date. So go by the IRS on-site date and hope for the best!


The IRS finally updated our info on their "Where's My Refund" page. But it still says the later, July 11, date, rather than the supposed "last" date of July 4 as indicated above. Does anyone know if they're still ahead of schedule or not? Should I go by what it says online or are they actually going out a week earlier than that?

joe joe

good site you have thanks


Well...still not getting any information on line but when I called IRS today was told the rebate will be deposited on May 16! And I thought it was scheduled to be deposited earlier as they indicated. Shame on me!


You know what you gotta do when life gets you down???

just keep swimming -
just keep swimming -
that's what you do

That's what Dory told me


received notice that I would receive rebate.....should receive by May 12....guess what! checked IRS site and rec'd message..we are sorry no information available...blah, blah, blah
what gives?


Same issue as most...was scheduled for today or earlier since they are "ahead of schedule", checked my account today...but still nothing. I met all the qualifying criteria and have no debt.


Hello. I have the same problem as many of the others asking questions and this is the ONLY web-site I found that is offering any kind of answer whatsoever. I really dont want to bit** about this money because this time last year, I didnt know or expect to be getting it and am grateful that I am now. But its like dangling candy in front of a two year old. I was supposed to get mine today and nothing. I know that i do not owe anything and made all the qualifying items and also have a qual. child. Possible problems?!Im military and I qualified for the EIC and no fed taxes were taken from any of my checks, would that have anything to do with it?


I'm on the 'before May 5' schedule for direct deposits and have been looking for something eversince. How do we find out? Who do we talk to? If you give me something and tell me when you're going to give it to me, why should I have to find out when it's coming?


If you received your tax refund by direct deposit that is the only way to receive your tax rebate by same. Any other method (i.e. H&R Block Refund Anticipation Loan or getting tax refund mailed to address etc) and you will receive your rebate check by mail (no exceptions and NO way to change after the fact)


I filed taxes through TaxAct, they recieved my refund, deducted 30 for filing, then sent my direct deposit. So does that mean my rebate will come in by check?


Ok, to say it mildly...I'm PO'd! I have been checking "schedules" of deposits, there are 3 different ones. We thought we would have our deposit by 5-2. Nope! Ok, 5-5? Not yet! Now grant it, it is early but then I have found another "schedule" that says deposits for our SS# bracket "start" today and will be done by 5-9! We are at the bottom of that SS# bracket being 75 but that is when our deposit was originally scheduled. It was said that the checks were "ahead of schedule by one week!" Which means we should have had our by 5-2! All I have to say is by the end of today I had better see a deposit into our checking account. Good luck to everyone else!


i just cruised the IRS website for an hour. I efiled my taxes and got them directly deposited the third week in Feb. I was supposed to get my check deposited today, but nothing. Who do we bug to get our checks?


I e-filed my taxes and had them direct deposited into my checking account. My social security # is among the #'s that were supposed to be deposited today. I did not receive a deposit today. How can I find out what's wrong and when I will get the deposit?

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