Happy Tax Deadline Day!
Taxpayer Bill of Rights approved ... again

It's over! For most of us, anyway

Here in the Central Time Zone, as well as for fliers east of us, Tax Day has come and gone.

Calendar_page_turningBut if you're like me and asked for an extension (see my reason for postponing here), our new deadline is Oct. 15.

To help us keep track, I've replaced the April 15 countdown clock with one monitoring the October deadline over there in the right column. Just so you know, we now have 182 days to fill out our 1040s.

Of course, we don't have to while away all of those extra days. As soon as we get our forms finalized, we can send them to the IRS. Given that we won't get any rebate money until we do that, I suspect the number of folks waiting until the last October minute will be quite small this year.

And to you folks out west where it's still April 16, good luck wrapping up your return by the original deadline.


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