Retirement plan deadlines redux
It's over! For most of us, anyway

Happy Tax Deadline Day!

The tax countdown clock (there in the right-hand column) is going through its final clicks. How about you? What are you up to today?

I'm spending this April 15:
Pulling my hair out and furiously crunching numbers!
Enjoying the day because I already filed.
Filing for an extension.
Spending the refund I already received.
Missing the tax deadline with reckless abandon!

If you're still working on your 1040, let me refer you to a couple of pieces I put together this tax season, both here on the ol' blog and for other publications:

The key is to File something today! If you just can't get your 1040 finished, then request an extension (Form 4868).

Don't forget about your state tax return or, if you have income that's not subject to withholding, your first quarter 2008 estimated tax payment.

Remember that you have to file a 1040 before the IRS will send you your stimulus package rebate.

And if you didn't file a 2004 return, you might be due a refund from that year. More in this post.


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Happy tax day, Kay! Miss you! Amy P.


Cindy, while I'm always preaching about the cost of overpaying, I must admit that on a visceral level, I'm always happier when I do get something back vs. owing! And thanks much for your kind words. Kay


You forgot a category for those lamenting the money gone from their bank accounts because they owed taxes.

We had a weird one this year... we owed the gov a tiny amount, but got a HUGE refund from the state. I am proud of us for doing the federal withholdings so close to what we owe, but I was upset that we overpaid California so much. I guess that means I'll have to go talk to HR sometime soon.

I'm a long time lurker. I love your blog!!

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