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Direct to IRS e-filing fight continues

Most of us are decompressing from the filing season that just wrapped up on April 15, but already there's talk on Capitol Hill about changing the system.

Chuck_schumer_nysenator_2 Charging that the IRS is imposing an additional tax on filers by outsourcing e-filing operations, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.; pictured at left) introduced

But for

'Doomed' free file effort: I doubt Schumer's effort will go anywhere. There's a big lobby out there that likes things just as they are.


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Sheila Scarborough

I'm with you, Kay. Why did I just pay around $90 for TurboTax and then have to fork over another $18-20 to file electronically?

I know that efile is better for the IRS in almost every way; why am I charged for using a more efficient and effective system?

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