Tax Freedom Day sing-along
Snipes get maximum jail time

Denzel, Harrelson urge leniency for fellow actor Snipes' tax crimes

Wesley_snipes Actor Wesley Snipes, convicted of three misdemeanor counts of of tax evasion back in February (blogged here), is to be sentenced today.

Federal prosecutors have gone on record in seeking the maximum punishment for the actor: up to three years in prison and a fine of $5 million.

Snipes attorneys, meanwhile, have submitted a 70-page sentencing memo (courtesy of TaxProf) to the court arguing for clemency, because, in part, the actor, most well-known for his "Blade" vampire films, "is contrite, promises that he will never again break the law, and respectfully asks the Court to consider not just the jury verdict but also all the good that he has done in his life. He asks this Honorable Court to impose a sentence that does not include imprisonment."

Included as part of the memo are several character references, including letters from fellow actors Denzel Washington, who refers to his Hollywood colleague as "a tree -- a mighty oak," and Woody Harrelson, who calls Snipes a "strong role model."

You can read both letters at The Smoking Gun.

Both sides have a lot at stake. Snipes could lose his freedom for several years and the U.S. government could lose credibility in its efforts to bring tax evaders to justice. We'll let you know Snipes' ultimate tax fate when the judge decides.


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Everyone here should read this internal IRS document,

Hopefully this post will not be pulled, if you are reading this click the link and save the pdf file ASAP.

This internal IRS report explains why fellow IRS employees do not need to pay taxes from their 'wages'. It even explains everything for them in the event anyone tries to make them pay income taxes in a court of law, showing what are unacceptable defenses and what are acceptable.

LOOK this is proof that a number of people that are taxing us don't pay taxes them selfs.

Everyone knows... Its very hard to change someones mind once they have set it.

If you honestly seek *truth* in this world it is logical to review *ALL* the information and evidence available without prejudice and with an open mind before forming an opinion.

And even after you have formed your opinion you should be open enough to change it given more information over time. A closed minded person is easy to control.

You should be willing to go against yourself. If you cannot do this then you cannot find truth as we have all been lied to about many things.

I hope this post has helped to opened your mind somewhat.

If you need a compass to help make a decision based on two paths that seem equal i have found the path that leads closer to love to always be the right one. So that is my compass in this world.. not TV or especially the news.

ps. remember my fellow Americans, money is backed by nothing.. its just paper. if people stopped paying taxes then they might actually ask where the government gets its money. All you have to do is follow the money, research to find out how we pay for the Iraw war, and you'll find the truth.. it comes out of thin air! 525 billion

Peace and Justice for All mankind

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