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Tax Carnival #33: Deduction Tips, Rebates, and Tax Planning

Orig_ferris_wheel_narrowAll you Tax Carnival fans thought I forgot, didn't you? Wrong!

It's just that even when I don't post the Tax Carnival myself, I run a bit slow! Thankfully, My Wealth Builder is prompter.

The 33rd Carnival of Taxes, a celebration of Deduction Tips, Rebates, and Tax Planning is up and running at that fine site for your tax pleasure.

It's full of tax goodies, so click on over there and check out the valuable information. We're in the tax-filing season stretch run and I know we all need all the tax tips we can find!

Again, many, many thanks to My Wealth Builder for the Tax Carnival assist. Remember, we'll revisit the tax midway in two weeks, so be sure to send along your items for that April 7 edition via our Blog Carnival page.


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