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Take Off to PF Carnival #143

SCTV_charactersCalling all fans of Doug and Bob MacKenzie, the late, great comedy program SCTV, the Great White North and personal finance advice. You'll find it all in this week's Personal Finance Carnival #143 hosted by the Canadian blogger Quest for Four Pillars.

No need for NAFTA here. There's lots of good money advice flowing unfettered across this unguarded Internet border. Such as:

My piece on telephone tax breaks also is part of this week's PF Carnival.

So don't be a hoser! Head on over (or up, if you want to get all geographical) to Personal Finance Carnival #143 and check out all the good fiscal tips. Quest for Four Pillars, Guy Caballero, Edith Prickley and all of the SCTV gang thank thank you!


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Four Pillars

Thanks a lot for the writeup.

Take off eh!


Value For Your Life

Thank you for mentioning my post! Sincerely, Amanda

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