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Election Day in Texas …

and in Ohio and Rhode Island and Vermont. So you readers in these four states, as soon as you finish this post, head to your local polling place and make your voice heard.

Many of my neighbors here in Texas have taken advantage of early voting. The hubby and I, though, like to vote on Election Day. Even though over the years many of our votes, at least on the national level, haven't been the deciding factor or even for the winning candidates, the right to vote and the process for doing so is still a special event. Maybe my connection to standing in line with others, ticking off my choices and depositing (albeit electronically now) my ballot comes from accompanying my mother as she voted when I was a kid.

There's a lot of talk about social media and how it's changing the way we interact with others. That's true. And I'm a social media participant via blogging and things like LinkedIn and Twitter.

But to be really social requires being around other people. And the best social I can think of is actually joining my fellow citizens as part of the process of picking our next national leader.

And for my fellow Texans, Ohioans, Rhode Islanders and Vermonters, if you haven't yet decided which candidate to vote for, below is an ad for each of the remaining major candidates. 

Yes, I've included Ron Paul in that list, and not because he's a Texan. And certainly not because he has any chance of winning. But because he's still on the ballot. And mostly because he has a huge, and adamant, Internet following (maybe that's why his YouTube ad is almost nine minutes long!) and I didn't want to be bombarded by those folks for leaving their man out. Plus, his ad specifically mentions, repeatedly, his tax plans.

The IRS also is mentioned in Mike Huckabee's ad. But the main attraction here is the inclusion of "Walker, Texas Ranger." Admit it. Somewhere deep inside, the Chuck Norris cheese factor appeals to you, too!

So my fellow voters, enjoy these pleas for your votes:

Hillary Clinton:

Barack Obama:

Ron Paul:

John McCain:

Mike Huckabee:

Now go vote!


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Jake Stichler

You also would have had to hear it from this fellow PF blogger and Friend of about it! :-D Anyway, I'm glad you chose my favorite Ron Paul YouTube video... it's by far the best I've seen made in this long year of campaigning for the good doctor, and actually brought me to tears a couple of times the first time I watched it.

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