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DMWT featured in WSJ Blog Watch

As I was finally catching up on my reading today, I got a pleasant surprise: Don't Mess With Taxes received a very nice mention in the Wall Street Journal's Blog Watch column.

Beckey Bright, an editor for WSJ Online, included the ol' blog along with two other tax blogs, TaxProf and TaxVox. I am honored to be in such esteemed company.

You can read Ms. Bright's comments on tax blogs, as well as several that focus on other topics, here.

In case you don't have a subscription to the WSJ, here's the blurb about DMWT:

This blog by Texas journalist Kay Bell aims to provide tax and personal-finance tips and advice "that will put more money in your bank account, not the government treasury." Ms. Bell, who previously worked for the House Ways and Means Committee in Washington and now writes about taxes for, offers different approaches to make taxes less taxing.

She often puts advice in a social or historical context. For instance, in honor of Alexander Graham Bell's birthday on March 3 -- and while lamenting the recent bombardment of calls from candidates soliciting votes -- she discussed the scenarios in which U.S. taxpayers can get a break on phone use. In other recent posts, she breaks down the economic-stimulus rebate with information that pertains to families with children, the elderly and state-by-state variations that residents should watch for.

Now I know why I had a nice bump in traffic today!


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