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We're right in the midst of one of the traditional twin peaks of filing season.

twin_peaks_cdEach early to mid-February, millions of taxpayers have all the statements they need to file and have done so or are about to.

Today, in fact, is the day many filers have been waiting for because they use one of five AMT-related forms. As blogged about here, IRS computers weren't able to handle that paperwork until now.

The hubby and I had to wait because we will claim the tax credit for the new energy efficient A/C we bought last summer. But truth be told, even though we now can file, we'll probably be climbing the tax mountain along with millions more who comprise the second filing peak just before April 15.

But I hope that all you early filing folks are finding lots of good advice here on the ol' blog. To that end, I also want to suggest another place you might check out if you have some tax questions or just want to read a bit more about this vastly entertaining topic.

Bankrate_logo_2 It's's 2008 Tax Guide.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I work for Bankrate and have contributed much of the Guide's content. And I hope this doesn't sound too self-serving, but I'm pretty proud of it.

The Guide is something I've been doing for Bankrate, first as an employee and now as a freelancer, for eight years. It's taken different forms -- our first guide was called the Tax Tool Kit -- but the goal has always been the same. Pass along information you need to file your taxes accurately and with the least possible mental and fiscal pain.

Regular readers are already familiar with the site since I often refer to stories there. But I wanted to bring the complete Tax Guide to your attention. It has lots of goodies, such as daily tax tips, state tax pages and assorted other features.

One item of particular interest this filing season is "10 tax laws you gotta know." They are:

  1. Mortgage debt forgiven
  2. Deductible mortgage insurance
  3. AMT relief, delay
  4. Donation documentation
  5. Older philanthropist options
  6. 'Enron' retirement catch-up
  7. Home energy savings
  8. Fuel-efficient autos
  9. Popular deductions reappear
  10. 2008 tax changes

Oh, you want details? Get them here, along with the story's companion piece, "Old tax laws, new amounts."

I hope you find these and the other Guide offerings useful. And I hope you'll visit it, and keep coming back to Don't Mess With Taxes, often.


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