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Still sniping at Wesley's acquittal

Congratulations NY Giants

Nice Super Bowl win New Yorkers.

All this week, I fully intended to yell for Texas Techsan Wes Welker and his New England teammates. But when the game started, I found myself rooting for the Giants.

You'd think since they're in the Cowboys division and beat us in the playoffs, I'd be holding a grudge. But my allegiance to the NFC won out; that and the fact that I tend to go with the underdogs.

Yeah, like a lot of football fans, I was pretty sick of all the hype about the Cheatriots Patriots.

Now all that's left is the wait for all those inevitable Eli and Peyton commercials that are probably going to start filming next week.

Cowboys_helmet_leftface About those 'Boys: I expect my Dallas Cowboys to knock out the new NFL champs next season on their way to winning Super Bowl XLIII.

No more excuses. It's on your shoulders Mr. Romo.

We cut you some slack last year with that field goal snap fumble against the Seahawks. You were new. Romo Mania was still running rampant.

Then as this season wound down, your girlfriend took the heat. Give me a break. I didn't see Jessica down there on the field in her pink #9 jersey throwing incomplete passes.

So if you'll excuse me, Tony, for mixing sports metaphors, you'll be facing a third strike when the 2008 season kicks off. Don't screw it up!

I need a new Super Bowl Champion T-shirt!


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Pamela Baggett-Wallis

My great-nephew is, I'm sorry to admit, a Yankee. But he not only follows football, he is a Cowboys fan! He's all of 4 years old and can cite "Tomo" stats, as he calls his hero. Oh, Tony, you let my darling nephew down. He even wears your jersey! Now, letting me down is one thing. Disappointing my great-nephew is another. Shape up, boy! You really don't want me to have to come up there, do you?

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