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And you thought it was just the IRS

Remember last April when some TurboTax customers had problems e-filing? Well, tax technological glitches pop up worldwide.

Computer_crash_skiyellin_2 Take the United Kingdom's HM Revenue & Customs, that country's equivalent to our IRS.

WebCPA reports that British taxpayers who visited the Self Assessment Online section of the site last Thursday were greeted with messages such as "planned maintenance" or "not found."

What made the annoying messages worse was that the Web malfunction occurred on Jan. 31, the last day for filing taxes in the U.K. Taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes in time by the deadline are typically fined 100 pounds; that's almost $200 U.S.

Because of the six-hour site crash, British tax officials extended the tax filing deadline for another 24 hours.

Tax_tip_icon_pencil_point E-filing considerations: This taxpayer experience from across the pond is a lesson for filers everywhere. Don't wait until the last minute.

Sure, the speed and usual reliability of electronic communications tends to make us put things off. But the safer tax move is to file a tad early just in case there's a problem.

If you're considering using tax prep software, this story has some general things to think about in making your decision. And this article looks at all your various e-file options.

When it comes to specific programs, check out's analysis of TurboTax and TaxCut (thanks to taxgirl for the heads-up). Money Tip Central looks at those two programs, as well as several other popular software packages here. And Top 10 Reviews also takes a good look at a wide variety of tax prep packages here.


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Mike Bell

Bob Meighan: We compiled our comparison chart from information that is published by Intuit and HR Block. Can you please point out the 'many factual errors' - or at least the most offending ones? If we've erred we would certainly like to correct it. It would probably help us do a better job of selling and supporting your company's products.

Mike Bell

Bob Meighan

The tax software comparison chart at is highly inaccurate. It has so many factual errors that I would not rely on it.

Bob Meighan
VP, TurboTax


Nice post. Yes, same situation here in India. The first time they introduced efiling for the corporate sector, the software had so many glitches that the due date had to be extended. This was the second year of efiling and things were better.

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