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Last filing season, the credit counseling agency Money Management International (MMI) conducted a taxpayer survey that collected astrological data on the respondents.

I know it's a little old, but we all know that horoscopes are vague, overly general, fake anyway, so the comments are as valid now as they were back in April 2007. Plus, it's fun.

Here are the Zodiac-related tax findings from MMI:

Zodiac_aries_2 Taxpayers who were born under this Fire sign expected the smallest refunds and planned to use any money they got back to save or pay debts.

Zodiac12 This Earth sign is associated with practicality. Those born under Taurus were the least likely to expect a refund.

Zodiac_gemini Generally known to be logical, Gemini in the MMI survey were the most likely to over-withhold on purpose.

Zodiac_cancer_2 The survey found that protective Cancers were the least likely to splurge with their refunds.

Zodiac_leo Leos, on the other hand, indicated they were more likely to spend their refunds.

Zodiac_virgo Virgos, more than other survey participants born under any other sign, were "undecided" about what to do with their refunds.

Zodiac_libra Known for balance, Libras in the MMI survey definitely picked a side when it came to refunds. They expected the largest amounts back.

Zodiac_signs_scorpio1 Passionate Scorpios apparently are spenders, too. Of the survey respondents who said they planned to splurge with their tax refund, 25 percent were born under this sign.

Zodiac_sagittarius Sagittarians are known for being optimistic and the survey found they apparently didn't think they'd need their tax cash down the road. Most said they were not likely to save their refunds.

Zodiac_capricorn Earth signs, like Capricorn, are associated with practicality. Appropriately, Capricorns in the survey said they were not likely to splurge with their refunds. 

Zodiac_aquarius Aquarius is an Air sign, associated with thought and perspective and that showed in the MMI tax survey. More than half of taxpayers under this sign planned to use their refunds to pay down debts.

Zodiac_pisces Pisces are idealistic and the survey found they apparently felt things would work out OK. Pisces were the least likely to save their refunds.

Maybe for 2008 filing season, MMI will look at the tax connection to the traditional Chinese calendar. Are folks born in the Year of the Rat more inclined to cheat? Do those born in the Year of the Pig tend to claim tons more deductions? And will Year of the Sheep filers do whatever their tax advisers suggest?

Although it's old, if you still want to read more about the full survey, you'll find it here.

Hat tip to TaxProf


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Shauna Wekherlien, The Tax Goddess

This is Great! Thank you for bringing this to my attention :) All the happiness of being a Taurus, no refund, and nothing owed!

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