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IRS now interested in Clemens

As Astros fans, the hubby and I watched Roger Clemens' sad attempt on 60 Minutes to bully viewers into believing he didn't take performance enhancing drugs.

Rocket_painting_ralph_verano_2 The Rocket's connection to the Houston baseball club was the only thing he had going for him in our house.

His annoying UT Longhorn affiliation was strike one.

Being a Yankee was definitely strike two.

Now steroids. He's officially out.

Since misery, especially among sports fans, loves company, we went surfing for reactions on the interview. I recommend Richard Justice's blog item, along with its comments from program viewers.

But the more intriguing tidbit we ran across was word from Newsday that Roger's protestations apparently have attracted the unwanted attention of Jeff Novitzky.

Novitzky is the IRS special agent responsible for the indictment of Barry Bonds on felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Very interesting.

Even though nothing came of the IRS investigation into Bonds, it was clear why tax officials had questions. As blogged here, the feds suspected the San Francisco slugger might have funneled tens of thousands in cash from autographed memorabilia sales to his then-girlfriend in order to avoid paying taxes on the income.

I wonder what tax improprieties Novitzky might think the Rocket has committed.

Rocket (giclee on canvas) by Ralph Verano; available at ArtSmart


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