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Elvis, still TC of $$$ B

Elvis would have been 73 today. Heck, some folks think he's off somewhere celebrating his birthday right now.

Officially, though, he passed away in August 1977. But that hasn't stopped his money making machine.

Last October, the King reclaimed the crown as the Top-Earning Dead Celebrity in Forbes' annual list. He also was #1 back in 2005.

In earning the top spot again, Forbes reported that Elvis' estate raked in around $49 million in the previous 12 months. The money still comes in via music royalties, DVDs, licensing deals and tourism at Graceland, the King's Memphis mansion.

Elvis_tcb_pendant Takin' care of business, literally: Much of Elvis' postmortem income has come from merchandise, like this TCB pendant.

Legend has it that one night while sitting in his bedroom aboard his personal jet, the "Lisa Marie," Elvis picked up a torn envelope and wrote what has become known as the Taking (or Takin' if you're from the South) Care of Business Oath.

TCB soon became synonymous with Elvis and the three initials and lightning bolt logo was fashioned on items Elvis gave to his closest friends.

You can read the TCB Oath and more on its purported genesis at Wizbang, this WFMU radio Web page and at Artfact.

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Dan Ray

Is there anything you want me to ask Elvis? We're having dinner tonight at the Burger King.

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