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Rudy Giuliani Twitter page ... or not

One of my hopes in using Twitter, in addition to making new e-friends, was that I'd find some useful fodder for blog posts.

Touchdown! Bonanza! Cha-ching!

Look at the Twitter screen shot below and apply your own "we have a winner" word.


I ran across this faux Rudy Giuliani page in searching for presidential candidates, of either party, who are making use of this Internet avenue to connect with potential voters. But it seems that most aren't into social media.

I found an admittedly fake Mitt Romney, as well as other twitterers using the MassUtahan's name. Ron Paul's campaign has an ID. And a few Dems (Clinton, Obama and Edwards) have legitimate Twitter presences, but they're not that active.

But for sheer amusement, the pseudo Rudy wins.

You'd think all the Oval Office wannabes would have at least one intern or volunteer who could sign them up and then help, or even ghost post, campaign updates.

But then again, maybe not enough people really want to know, to paraphrase Twitter, what politicians are doing.


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