Year-end Money Moves
Part 2: Investments
Year-end Money Moves
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Personal Finance Carnival #130

Personal_finance_carnival_badge The Carnival of Personal Finance #130 is now now up at Money $mart Life.

Since there's so much good financial information on the carnival, M$L offers his editor picks in an introductory audio file. You can listen while you scroll through the many offerings.

A couple of my favorites:

My item on aspirational investing also made the cut.

If you get a chance amid all the year-end madness, check out the Personal Finance Carnival #130. It might save you enough money to pay for holiday gifts!


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Joel @ money saving

i agree with the commentor before me. not a lot of people talk about taxes as much as they should. its just about the largest expense anyone could have but people over look the issue when trying to find ways to save and improve their finances.

good stuff. i think ill be bookmarking your blog now!


Thanks for the mention, I appreciate the link.

This is my first visit to your blog - I haven't seen a PF blog with a focus on taxes, very cool!

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