Bad news for those who owe, too
AMT winners = 2007 taxpayers
AMT losers = the wieners in Washington

Dude! Thanks!

I got an early Christmas gift this week from a fellow financial blogger.

Clever Dude, who pens the eponymous blog on family, marriage, finances and life, just added  Don't Mess With Taxes to his blogroll. Not only that, he posted some very kind words about moi and DMWT. Not that I'm shamelessly self-promoting (again; twice within two days!), but I do encourage you to give it a read.

Once there, spend some time cruising the blog for Clever Dude's many insights. He has a nice touch in bringing financial issues to life. Witness his post on how he found respite (and some bargains) in a solo trip to the zoo.

And while I enjoy Clever Dude for the financial content, I also get a kick out of the fact that Dude and Mrs. Dude are Marylanders, living just outside Washington, D.C. It's an added bonus that via Clever Dude's postings, I get to stay in touch with the old stomping grounds.

So thanks again, Dude. I'll do my best to continue to earn your blogroll ranking!


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Clever Dude

You're welcome! Oh, you forgot to mention that I hate talking about taxes, so you're my main source of info for them now :)

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