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Carnival Monday! PF #129 is up

It's Carnival Monday! Personal Finance Carnival 129, hosted by Patrick at Cash Money Life, is now available.

Foreign_currency_2 In addition to 80 great personal finance items, Patrick slips in lots of fun money trivia; hence the subtitle of this week's Carnival (and the photo there to the right): the World Currencies Edition.

I am honored that my item on "toy" credit cards for kids made the Editor's Choice list. A couple of other postings on that list also caught my eye:

I also liked American Consumer News' explanation of why Gift Cards are the Worst Possible Present to Buy Someone This Christmas. I never knew these ubiquitous pieces of specialized plastic sent so many messages!

Check my faves out, as well as all the others tidbits in the 129th Carnival of Personal Finance. And be sure not to miss Patrick's currency tidbits that are woven through the carnival.


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