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Twitter_2 That's my nom de tweet over at Twitter.

Yes, at the enthusiastic urging of fellow Austin blogger (and motorsports fan) SheilaS, I'm taking baby steps down the social media path.

Sheila, who also can be found at her Family Travel blog, talks about what she likes about Twitter here.

Elizabeth Lawley, who blogs at mamamusings, offers a good overview of Twitter and why she thinks it's worth it here. And here she explains why she limits her connections.

I also like Danah Boyd's description at her blog apophenia: "Twitter has taken a different path. It is primarily micro-blogging or group IMing or push away messaging. You write whatever you damn well please and it spams all of the people who agreed to be your friends."

Twittering taxes: There are some tax and personal finance folks on Twitter. I recognize one as a previous contributor to the Tax Carnival.

It looks like it might be a good way for us tax geeks, finance-obsessed folks to share news, offer advice and exchange $$$ ideas quickly. The possibilities beyond quick personal comments, which I do post on Twitter (How 'bout them Cowboys?), are definitely there.

In fact, Adam Engst at TidBITS notes in his own Confessions of a Twitter Convert how the application can move beyond banal posts detailing mundane daily doings.

And Brian Oberkirch of Like It Matters has some good advice for folks like me in his post Advanced Twitter: Don’t Tweet Like A n00b.

So I'm going to give tweeting, as it's called, a try.

In the left column of Don't Mess With Taxes, I've posted a Twitter badge, along with a widget that keeps a running list (the last five) of my taxtweets.

If you tweet, too, you can follow me here. Hopefully, we can get to know each other and feather a nice little tax and money info nest at Twitter.


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Sheila at Family Travel

Yay, Kay was drawn into the gaping Twitter maw!

I do not feel the least bit guilty. :)

Mrs. Micah

Very cool! I just started with Twitter and am trying to figure out how to do it "right." These were some really useful links. :)

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