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Since I didn't put one of my own posts in today's Carnival of Taxes: Return to Tax Standard Time, consider this my contribution to edition #24.

Gerri Willis, personal finance columnist for, today talks about four ways to wisely navigate your company's benefit enrollment season.

They are:

  1. Take advantage of flexible spending.
  2. Know your options.
  3. Review your insurance.
  4. Coordinate your coverage.

To read what Willis says about each, click here.

Me, too! I also would like to recommend my post of Oct. 24, Making the most of open season. In it I talk about flexible spending accounts (FSAs), too.

Benefits_package But there's also a look at some less common employer-provided benefits, such as educational assistance, help paying for commuting and added money to cover the costs of adopting a child.

And, as I noted in my earlier blog item, the beauty of these benefits is that in addition to getting you services you need at a more reasonable cost, they can also save you some tax dollars.


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