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Kmart loses toilet paper tax lawsuit

Toilet_paper_2_2 Remember the suburban Pittsburgh woman who sued Kmart for charging her sales tax on her purchase of toilet tissue? If not, I blogged about the case here.

Well, we can all quit snickering. She won.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the district judge hearing the case ruled in plaintiff Mary Bach's favor, finding Kmart twice levied the tax improperly.

Bach was awarded $100 plus court costs.


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Awesome. As a former PA resident, there is a lot of stuff they don't tax like clothing and TP. What baffles me is my VA grocery receipt where I seem to be charged different rates for different things. I can't seem to figure out what gets 5% vs 4.5%. Very confusing.

Hm... Off I go to check the VA Taxation/Revenue site for info.

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