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Turkeys_at_white_house_2 Actually, it was May (pictured there at right with Dubya) and Flower who were pardoned, if not actually freed, this year in the annual pre-Thanksgiving event at the White House.

Every year, representatives of the National Turkey Federation and the farmer who donates the turkey (or, this year, turkeys) join the President in the White House Rose Garden.

The prez gives his "happy holiday" talk and pardons the birds for the assembled photographers and TV cameramen.

Turkey_solo You can read about this year's ceremony here. That page has more pictures, as well as audio and video links if you're already that bored this Thanksgiving day!

Since the turkeys that are reprieved each year are farm raised, I thought I'd share some shots of some truly free turkeys. Here are some of the wild turkeys the hubby and I happened upon when we were in the Big Bend region last month.

To the left is one of the braver birds. He wandered away from his buddies and posed briefly.

And here's the full flock feeding in a field just south of Marathon.


White House photo by Chris Greenberg;
Wild turkey photos by moi!


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