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Blog birthday #2

Second_birthday_with_borders_2 Wait. Don't go! You're at the right URL.

Two years ago today, I posted my first Don't Mess With Taxes item. Who, other than the hubby, would have thought that my tax fixation could have continued unabated? Heck, even he had his doubts.

Now, in honor of the occasion, I am finally following through on the promise I made at this time last year to make some design changes. I mean, we've finally got the house furnished and pretty well finished, so that just leaves me the ol' blog to tweak!

This new look is basically the same: three columns, new blog postings in the middle, ancillary tax (and other) stuff in each outer column. But it's a bit cleaner in look and a lot less cramped.

You know me, Texan to the core, always in search of bigger and more wide open spaces, physically and electronically!

Getting to play around with online design and add to my still very basic technical posting skills is just icing on the second blog birthday cake. The main reason I still blog, sometimes to the detriment of "real" work, is that I still love it.

From the beginning: I started DMWT on Nov. 14, 2005, to vent about taxes (the good, the bad and the inevitable), as well as to try to offer a bit of help to others as we all negotiate this generally unwelcome task.

I know I accomplished the first part, as well as expanded the blog's focus a bit to bring in, now and then, some general personal finance topics.

And, judging by the number of you who've stuck with and joined me over the last 730 days, I'm feeling pretty good about that second goal, too.

Best of all, though, is that because of the blog I've met, mostly electronically but a few in person, some great fellow bloggers, as well as folks who don't blog themselves but read DMWT and other such postings.

I continue to be impressed by the number and quality of folks who want to share their tax and personal finance information, either by blogging or commenting on the various sites. As we get ready to head into tax season 2008, I'm looking forward to keeping the dialogs going, expanding my tax and fiscal knowledge and sharing what I know and learn with all of y'all!

Thanks for reading these last two years. Now let's go kick some IRS butt!


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CONGRATS! A job very well done...as always!

Mrs. Micah

Yay, happy blog-birthday! Many happy returns. :)


I like your web 2.0 facelift! The site is faster and smoother. It has been awhile since I have been on your actual site (I subscribe using google reader). It is very appealing and sharp looking. Keep up the great work!

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