Doug Shulman to be new IRS commish
Former IRS commissioner
fired from Red Cross

128th Carnival of Personal Finance
is now available

The 128th Carnival of Personal Finance, Investment Truth Edition, is now live.

This week, it's courtesy of Blain at Stock Trading To Go.

Personal_finance_carnival_badge_2 As usual, you'll find an impressive collection of financial tips, advice and insight at the PF Carnival. Below are a few of my favorites this time. Not surprisingly, they have a holiday shopping hook.

OK, that last one isn't about the holidays, except maybe leaving a job you don't like is your present to yourself.

Did I mention that Don't Mess With Taxes also is part of the Carnival? Our post States have money for you, too, on finding money you didn't know you had or forgot about, made the cut.

So when you're not spending money at the mall, spend some time over at the 128th Carnival of Personal Finance. It's definitely a nice break from the already escalating holiday mania and could help you save a few bucks, too.


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