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Presidential candidates' tax stances

Vote_2_2 Back in June, in this blog entry I bemoaned the dearth of information on just where the many presidential candidates stand when it comes to taxes.

Well, our long political tax stance nightmare is over!

The Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution in Washington, has compiled a nifty summary of the candidates' tax plans.

In addition to giving us White House wannabes' main tax points, the table tells us what they think of specific tax topics, such as, to name a few, the alternative minimum tax, capital gains and the ever-popular tax cuts.

You'll note that some of the tax areas in the chart are blank. But Center officials say they'll update the guide as more information becomes available.

I knew this was something y'all wanted to sift through, especially on a weekend. So enjoy!


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