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Interest growing in exotic IRAs

Self-directed individual retirement accounts are growing, reports the New York Times, as many middle-aged investors are moving their money from traditional stocks and bonds into more experimental holdings.

Ira_retirement_investments In an article in today's edition, Dalia Fahmy writes that these IRA owners "have amassed enough money in their retirement accounts to permit some experimentation." That includes putting their nest egg into "off-beat ways of generating rental income," such as "private jets that can be leased out, race horses that generate prize income and bulls that are in demand among cattle breeders."

Self-directed IRAs still carry the same tax advantages as the more conventional retirement investments, notes Fahmy. But they also pose significant risks.

You can get the full scoop on the pros and cons of atypical IRAs here.


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did the IRS crack down on some company that was running these self-directed IRAs. i've forgotten their name, but they were pretty well known in this niche.

Baby Boomer 1961

Never even heard of this vehicle before. May warrant a thorough looksee

Minimum Wage

Is this a great country or what?

Mrs. Micah

Interesting link, thanks for mentioning it. I wasn't really planning to go exotic, but it's nice to understand what's going on.

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