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I and the Bird #60

Iandthebird_icon David at Search and Serendipity is the host for the 60th I and the Bird. This particular birding carnival is notable not just because David is a fellow Texan, but also because he's produced the first birding blog carnival to be hosted by video.

Amid the more than 30 postings from birders worldwide, David gives up four videos. Be sure to view each, including the outtake reel.

But the core of every I and the Bird is, of course, the collection of fantastic reports from birding bloggers, or blogging birders.

Among my favorites this time are:

Of course, I am pleased to report that my wren serenade also made the carnival.

Even if you aren't a regular birder, take a break and visit the 60th I and the Bird.  I'm willing to bet that you'll find something there to brighten your day.


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The Bird Coop

With Tax season just around the corner we should all pull together and start gathering tea to throw into the harbor!

Cheap Night Vision Binoculars

Anywhere with a good wildlife and not to many noises is where i like to look for birds. Estonia sounds good to me.


Tanvir, thanks for making the tax connection for me on this item! And I'm now heading over to the Singing Revolution site. Thanks for the tip! Kay


Estonia must be a great place to see birds. You also can’t “mess with their taxes,” they have a flat tax system. They have come a long way since Russian occupation. I just saw a website about Estonia’s Singing Revolution –; this is quite inspirational.

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