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Report says Texas issues too many reports

Paperstacksmall_2 The Lone Star State issues too many reports. That's the word, ahem, words, from a new 668-page report.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission spent a year and a half doing its job, which is canvassing more than 170 agencies and public colleges and universities, checking on all the various reports the groups issue.

The commission found more than 1,600.

State Records Administrator Michael Heskett told the Associated Press there are more out there.

And you thought the IRS was the king of paperwork!

It gets worse. Initial findings indicate more than 400 report requirements are obsolete, duplicative or not needed as frequently as currently required.

Heskett says it probably will take the Commission at least another year to assess all the report requirements individually.

He also contends that a report on reports isn't redundant and, in fact, must continue if Texas' excess report situation is ever going to improve.

"For the report to be effective," he told the AP, "it must be ongoing."


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