Columbus Day's cash connection
Foreclosure tax change could benefit PMI payers

Columbus Day Carnival

We're sailing along, not necessarily to a new world but to a world of financial information with today's Columbus Day edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

1492_columbus_voyage_3 Hosted by Ask Mr. Credit Card, the 121st Personal Finance Carnival intersperses this week's collection of financial tips throughout a Q&A session with our leading presidential candidates. Among the discoveries:

You say you're looking for financial info from the wealthier end of the spectrum? Then don't miss the review of the book  "A Weekend with Warren Buffett and Other Shareholder Meeting Adventures."

And, oh yeah, my item on making sure your lender pays your property taxes also was part of the Columbus Day Carnival. Check out all the postings to see which can help you chart your journey to better money management.


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Thanks for mentioning my article on your blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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