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Texas real estate: Reality vs. TV

Last night we watched the return of "Heroes" on NBC and were a bit disappointed in one new plot twist.

Claire_bennet_heroes_2 Claire Bennet, the indestructible cheerleader, and her family have moved this season from Odessa, Texas, to Southern California.

Of course, that now means there won't be any topographical issues, like when the hills of Southern California showed up in exterior shots that were supposed to be of West Texas' very flat, save for the caprock between Kermit and Odessa, terrain.

It also means that we probably won't be seeing Claire making the 45 mile drive to my hometown to visit her biological mom. I guess Kermit's 15 minutes of TV fame are now officially over. Sigh.

And while I generally enjoyed the show, especially after having it confirmed that Hiro is still the best Hero, and that both Petrelli boys are alive, I have one more nit to pick with the show.

While relocating the Bennet family to a fictional L.A. suburb might make it easier for all involved in the production, the move is not quite correct. For the last few years, the migration between the Golden and Lone Star states has, at least in the Central Texas area, been more eastward than westward.

The influx has generated a lot of conversation and controversy, as well as neighborhood feuds during college football's bowl season. On our block alone, USC pennants now regularly fly alongside UT flags.

But what the changing Heroes' story line really means is that the fictional Bennets are probably the only Texans who've moved to California in recent years!


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