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Reading and writing and 'rithmetic

For someone who's long been out of school and has no kids in college, I know I've been focusing on education a lot.

Maybe it's because last month my high school class held its 33.3 year reunion. Yeah, a math-oriented, trained engineer came up with the unusual commemoration date (I'm talking about you Mark!).

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. Another classmate sent photos (thanks Luis!), although I think he might have forwarded the wrong ones. Most of the people in the digital snapshots looked way older than me, or so I keep telling myself!

Personally, I'm going to keep visualizing us as we appeared in our senior class photo below.


At the hubby's insistence, I exhausted my limited technical skills and made it so that if you click on the photo, you'll be able to see a larger image. But I'm not saying where in the photo I'm standing!

Anyway, whatever the reason, I've had school days and daze on my mind. And I'm keeping it up for a bit longer with today's announcement that the 138th Carnival of Education is now available.

This week's host, Global Citizenship in a Virtual World, did a very nice job of collecting the many blog postings in handy -- and provocative -- categories, such as What's Wrong with Education, Students Behaving Badly and Teacher, Improve Thyself!

I'm happy to report that my piece on education-related tax breaks made it into the Preparing for College (or Not) section. Other financial postings in this week's Education Carnival include Moolanomy's examination of whether it's possible to save too much for college and Finance is Personal's look at some special prices on software for students.

But don't stop there. Broaden your educational blogging horizons by checking out the full curriculum at the 138th Carnival of Education.

Tax Carnival coming up: Since we're talking about blog carnivals, I want to remind you that our annual TaxtoberFest, otherwise known as the October Carnival of Taxes, will be posted on Monday, Oct. 1.

Be sure to get me your tax-related items -- and please, tax only and just those bloggings with a real tax component, not just the word "tax" tossed in a general post -- by 11 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29. You can send them to me via our Blog Carnival submission page.


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