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Portfolio tax tweaking can help ease market madness

Have the stock market's recent "corrections" got you wondering and worrying about what to do? You're not alone.

It seems like every day, someone has another piece of investing advice.

Stock_graph_2_2 During one of the Dow's dips last month, Kiplinger's Stock Watch columnist Andrew Tanzer advised, "Focus on quality, and don't get spooked by the market's wild gyrations." Generally sound advice for most of us nursing a nest egg we won't touch for a while.

Meanwhile, over at MarketWatch, Paul Ferrell suggests five "lazy portfolio" strategies that he says will help investors deal with what he sees as a coming market meltdown. Words to heed if you're of the bear-market bent.

Need more? Of course you do. Spend some time browsing the multitude of investing blogs at pfblogs. Something for everyone there, from bulls to bears to the totally confused.

Dizzy yet? Then I offer you instead the more calming tax-related market advice of Wall Street Journal writer Arden Dale:

"A volatile market often tempts investors to trade. If your investments are well-diversified, though, advisers say you are probably better off using the urge to tinker to focus on taxes."

Dale examines ways to manage tax on both ordinary income and capital gains, as well as how to gauge the best time to pay your eventual taxes. Get the details in Focus on Taming Tax Bill Instead of Timing the Market.


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