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IRS Commissioner carousel keeps spinning

The latest personnel news out of the IRS office on Constitution Avenue is that the temporary tax commissioner is leaving, too. Acting IRS Commissioner Kevin M. Brown has announced he is outta there in mid-September.

Brown took over the top tax spot, temporarily it turns out, back in May after then-commish Mark W. Everson resigned so he could head up the American Red Cross.

Guess what?  Brown's old boss will now be his new boss. Brown will be going to the Red Cross, too. Guess these guys got tired of pressuring taxpayers for money and decided to take their collecting talents to an area where they can pressure contributors.

At least the former IRS honchos will be able to make sure everyone knows the tax implications of their charitable gifts!

Irs_logo_208 Next new Commissioner: Linda Stiff will take over as IRS Commissioner upon Brown's departure.

In advance of the move to the big office, Stiff, who was IRS Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support, last week was named Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement.

In her operations job, Stiff oversaw the development of policy for IRS personnel services, technology and security. She also has served as Deputy Commissioner of the Small Business/Self-Employed Division and as Director of Compliance for the IRS Wage and Investment Division.

The IRS' chief information officer, Richard Spires, will replace Stiff as head of Operations Support.

But just in case, if any of you out there are interested in a career that apparently offers rapid promotion possibilities, get your resumes ready.

Heading home: I'm catching a flight back to the hubby in the heart of Texas this morning. Once I sort through all my notes and materials picked up at the Chicago Tax Forum -- and catch up on sleep (these tax folks are wild!) -- I'll share what I learned.


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