IRS calling for more phone tax filers
Always low taxes. Always.

Congrats to Texas Techsan
Will Bigham

Back in June, I learned that fellow Texas Tech grad Will Bigham was a contestant on the Fox show On the Lot (and blogged about it here). On Tuesday night, Will won.

On_the_lot In addition to getting to getting a wider audience for his short films (available for online viewing), Will got a $1 million development deal with DreamWorks Pictures.

Sure, that probably wouldn't even cover craft services on a Hollywood megafilm.

But that cool million will definitely put Will, who before his big break was a film editor, into a whole new tax bracket. The top tax bracket.

I sure hope one of the first things he springs for is a good accountant/tax planner. Then he can get the cool convertible to tool around L.A.

UPDATE (Aug. 23, 7 p.m.): My issue of Texas Tech Today just showed up in my e-mail box (or, more accurately, I just found it in my e-mail box). It has a nice story on Will's win.


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