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The Rocket in 2057

OK, I admit it. As an Astros fan, this season I have a bit of extra enmity toward the Yankees.

But all my fellow anti-Bronx Bombers and/or Roger Clemens haters will get a kick out of this clip from Funny or Die.

Roger Clemens 2057

According to a Newark Star-Ledger blog, Clemens, Yankees manager Joe Torre and team coaches gathered in an office at Coors Field and watched the video on Thursday before the Rocket's start against the Colorado Rockies.

They all laughed at it, including Clemens, the Ledger reported.

Good thing Roger got a chuckle before the game, since I'm sure he wasn't too jovial afterwards. He didn't even go five innings and ended up taking the 4-3 loss.


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I'm a big Astros fan too... I used to live near Houston. :)

Unfortunately, they aren't doing so well this year. I think they will improve, but I am not sure about the playoffs...

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