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Texas opens its borders to CPAs

Here's one "immigration" bill that met little resistance.

Texas_shape_flag1 Texas now has a new law that makes it easier for out-of-state CPAs to practice in the state.

House Bill 2144, known as the CPA Mobility Bill, was recently signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry. The measure was endorsed by the Texas Society of CPAs (TSCPA).

Out-of-state CPA firms will be required to have a Texas license to perform audits on Texas companies, but CPAs with qualifications that are substantially equivalent to state standards may practice in the Lone Star State without notice or license for all other services.

"Texas Society of CPAs supported this legislation from its introduction … and we're glad out-of-state CPAs can now practice in Texas with fewer obstacles to doing so," said John M. Sharbaugh, TSCPA executive director/CEO. "Now we hope other states return the favor by passing similar legislation."

Texas is the seventh state to ease restrictions on interstate CPA practice. The others are Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia and Tennessee.

You can read the bill's complete text here.


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Lubna Kably

Hi Kay,
I never knew about this - inter state restrictions. How on earth do the big 4 function? I mean there is a constant movement of people in such firms?

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