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South Carolina sales tax now 6%

On June 1 (where did half the month go already!?), South Carolina's general state sales tax rate bumped up a percentage point to 6 percent.

Under the legislation authorizing the new rate, the money collected from the one percent increase will go to the Homestead Exemption Fund to help reduce property taxes.

Scdorlogo_2 State Department of Revenue officials note, however, that there are some exemptions to the new rate. It does not affect lodging, which is subject to a 7 percent levy; items subject to the $300 maximum tax (motor vehicles, airplanes, boats, and certain trailers), which will remain subject to a 5 percent rate; or the 3 percent sales and use tax imposed on sales of unprepared food.

Details on South Carolina's new sales tax rate and exclusions can be found in this document.


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