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Happy Flag Day 2007

Today is my late brother's birthday. It's also Flag Day. I blogged about that connection on this day last year, so I won't rehash it now.

Waving_us_flag_2 But I couldn't let June 14 go unnoticed, either for Ben Allen or Old Glory.

It seems that this year, sales of the Stars and Stripes are up a bit. The increased interest, according to a story in the Detroit Free Press, is due to citizens replacing worn flags, getting ready for the Fourth of July and showing support for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sales hit record levels after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, notes the article, as well as at the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003. By the next year, though, the number of flag buyers dropped a bit. Retailers say, however, flag sales now appear to be rebounding a bit.

Regardless of why you previously bought or this year will buy a flag, fly it proudly today. My little brother would have gotten a kick out "his" banners.


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Happy Flag Day!

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