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Week ending May 12, 2007
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Tax gift for older moms

Lone Star State voters gave older mothers -- and fathers and even childless folks -- a present this Mother's Day by approving Proposition 1.

The constitutional amendment was the only statewide issue on the ballot in yesterday's election. Its passage now means that Texas homeowners who are over 65 or disabled will get a rate reduction in their school property tax rates for 2006 and 2007 tax years.

Those folks didn't get property tax relief last year when everyone else did because the state's constitution already called for a special freeze on their rates. Under that provision, these property owners owed whatever their tax liability was the year they turned 65 or declared their disability status.

Ballot_box_hand_depositing2 As expected, the ballot topic didn't spark much interest among the overall electorate. While the proposition passed easily (88 percent approved), fewer than 10 percent of registered voters came out to vote.

My personal polling experience supports that. When I stopped by the elementary school to vote, the 10 voting booths were more than enough for the me and the four other voters there, who obviously were old enough to personally benefit from Prop 1's passage.

I supported their cause, too. Mostly because I agree that everyone should get as equal as possible tax break consideration.

Plus, I'm hoping that by the time the hubby and I are older, our voting Karma will pay off and younger voters then will give us the same consideration.


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A Saturday election? How odd!

Voter turnout is generally pretty bad though, especially for little elections.

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