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I'm back ... but backed up

Sleeping_woman_2 It was great to sleep in my own bed last night. So good, in fact, that I slept late. So I'm off to a slow start today.

While I was in Seattle (What a nice town! And it was fun to buy a Starbucks coffee from a franchise so close to the mothership.) earlier this week, I collected several items to blog about.

Unfortunately, I only had time to post a few things from the hotel. Plus, the hotel's online connection was a bit balky, which further hampered my updating ability.

But I've saved the material and it will be showing up here soon.

First, though, I must catch up on paying gigs. If I don't bring in some taxable income, I can't pay for the blog software. So I appreciate your patience.

Auto Alert: In the meantime, I thought you might find an item from my blogging buddy William Perez at About: Tax Planning of interest. He alerts us to the fact that the hybrid vehicle tax credit is of no use to those unfortunate folks who end up paying the AMT.

Just thought it might be something you'd want to consider if you were thinking about getting a hybrid before you hit the road this upcoming Memorial Day holiday.


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