Tax Cheat Rap Sheet:
Week ending May 25, 2007
Trans-Atlantic tax tattlers

Get to know me!

While I was sleepy in Seattle last week, consumed by all things TAP, something special happened back here in the blogosphere.

Nametag_url1_2_2 I was featured on taxgirl's "Getting to Know You Tuesday."

Yes, I bared my soul, or at least that part of it related to blogging and taxes, for my fellow tax blogger's feature. So if you want to know a little more about moi, click on over there to, as Jon Lovitz used to say, get to know me, as well as learn about the fine taxgirl site, too.


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Connie Reece

Kay, thanks for directing me over here w/ a link on Twitter. But I think I just had a heart attack when I looked at your widget w/ the countdown to April 15, 2008 ... oh, my - just can't deal w/ that ... think I'd better bookmark your blog so I'm a little better prepared next year.

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