W's tax cuts pay off for himself and Dick
Dealing with disaster ... again

A couple of carnivals

Carnival tents are going up this week, and we start with the latest Carnival of Personal Finance. In its 99th edition, Money, Matter, and More Musings gives us Awesome Money Quotes.

The collection of cash chatter contains bloggings on kids, parents and money mistakes; the realities of loan pre-approvals; and my own look at a curious report on the tax practices of lower-income investors.

Lots of good advice in this carnival. The icing on the carnival cake is all the great financial quotes sprinkled throughout. Check it out.

Tax Carnival reminder: 
Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9, is the new deadline for submitting an item for the slightly delayed Carnival of Taxes #18 that's going up Friday. (Apologies for earlier saying it was today; I've lost track of days while traveling.) Tell us your tax tale (just click on the "submit" button above) and come back Friday to check out the full Carnival.

On the road again: Our Taxpayer Advocacy Panel has had a good day and a half of meetings. Since meeting each other at the orientation session in December, we've done our work via phone conferences, so it's been nice getting to know each other a bit better. We're spending this morning touring the IRS campus here in Kansas City, then our work, at least for this meeting, is done.

I'll be back in Austin later this evening, but it's going to be a very full travel day. So think of me now and then as I spend hours in the KC and Dallas airports, working my way back home.


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