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Party time! It's Tax Freedom Day

Some popular state deductions

If you have a few more days to file or you asked for an extension to get your 1040 in to the IRS, when you do finish your taxes make sure you take all the deductions you're eligible to claim.

Just to make sure, here are the most popular tax breaks in a few states:

Actually, that New York quip isn't too far off. The Big Apple's "Made in New York" program provides a tax credit, free advertising on bus shelters and phone kiosks, and a vendor discount card to help lure filmmakers to the city. The effort was a reaction to tax breaks offered by other cities that resulted in New York-based movies being shot elsewhere.

Many states offer similar tax breaks for film and television projects made within their borders. And it looks like Texas is finally getting into the lights, camera, action with our own tax breaks for celluloid creations.   

Tax deduction joking aside, if you live in one of the states above and you have questions about its tax laws, you can click on the above images and you'll go to the state's official tax page. For info on and links to the other 45 states and Washington, D.C., click here.


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