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Restaking the Tax Carnival tents

The IRS is expecting around 47 million of us to finally get serious about our 1040s when April rolls around, which happens to be tomorrow.

Carnival_tent Since some of those expected April filers probably will do their taxes early in the month, I decided to slip in an extra Tax Carnival. You never know when some of the procrastinators (I can talk; I'm one of them!) will go blog browsing for tax tips.

This additional Tax Carnival will go up this Monday, April 2.

If you've already submitted an item thinking it would show up on April 9, don't worry. No need to resend. I'm taking those items and running them on April 2 instead. And I'll take new submissions for Monday's added edition through this evening.

The April 9 Tax Carnival will go up as previously scheduled. I've also added a last-minute edition for April 16.

Yeah, it suddenly got a little confusing here along the ol' Tax Carnival midway, but hey, that's taxes! Always one thrill ride after another with all the dizziness that brings!


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