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Trading tales at the Carnival of Money Stories

Carnival_ride_colorful_2 The 7th Carnival of Money Stories is open, boasting a wide range of personal financial tales at this week's host, Wisebread.

My long-time infatuation with snail mail is included, but several others also caught my eye.

There's Clever Dude's admission that sometimes he's not so clever. Maybe we haven't messed up exactly this way, but we've all been there, done that, bought the T-shirt for some other money misstep.

Another intriguing tale comes from Priya, who knows 77 ways to live without credit cards. Hhmmm. Me, I gotta keep a couple of cards, but pay them off each month. 

And how could I, a happily married woman, not be tempted by this topic from Praveen: How marrying the right woman made him a more frugal person. I know it worked wonders for the hubby. OK, maybe it was the other way around. Whatever, we're doing OK with our joint finances.

Those are just a couple of this week's money tales. Check them all out at the latest Carnival of Money Stories.


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