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Carnival cornucopia

This week we have an overflowing blog carnival cornucopia.

Cornucopia_2 Let's start at the 89th Carnival of Personal Finance, which this week
goes glitzy with a Celebrity Edition. Host Binary Dollar provides a unique pictorial presentation for all the yummy financial tidbits.

I'm thrilled that my item gets Superhero treatment; Spidey's web linking to Web tracking of tax refunds is just too good. You'll also find an array of pop culture figures, from movie stars (Johnny Depp's Capt. Sparrow sailing along with Wise Bread's frugally insane tips) to the fine arts (Mona Lisa lending her smiling approval to Roth & Company's deduction advice) to animated financial advocates (South Park's Cartman touting Internet entrepreneurial tips from Grad Money [Matters]).

Meanwhile, over at MakingOurWay, the fourth edition of Carnival of Wealth Accumulation, aka personal finances in your 30s and 40s, is available. My item on protecting your accumulated wealth by protecting yourself from government-sanctioned ID theft is part of this celebration of amassed money.

Other items of interest to "older," and I use that word advisedly and with the caveat that age only matters for wine and cheese, readers include Debt Free's three ways to get debt free and Worldwide Success' 10 ways to save thousands.

Now for an upcoming carnival notice. Gina's Tax Articles is hosting the upcoming Tax Carnival. Go to our Blog Carnival submission page to send in your item. Remember, to make it into the Monday, March 5, edition, get your contribution in by Saturday evening. We'll see you on the tax midway next week!


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